WordPress Contact Form Creation


This service will create a customized contact form on your website that extends beyond the standard Contact Us form to add additional input fields into the form.

It will have the following features:

  • It’s extensible to add more fields to the form.
  • The ability to save the form data to the database.
  • The ability to retrieve the form data from the database when needed without you end up sorting through a lot of emails.
  • Send to email address of your choice.
  • Minor CSS styling adjustments to align the input fields.
  • Captcha to prevent bots from submitting forms.
  • Debug your server if mail is not sent out correctly.

Important Notes

  • Service limited to max 20 input fields (drop down, checkbox, text, etc.).
  • This service does not include designing the look of a page or elements of content.
  • Do you need a custom web form or form design? Please contact us for price quote.

What We Need For The Service

Please provide the information below after purchasing the service by clicking the Service Request Form button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Paypal transaction ID or 2Checkout order number
  2. SSH, FTP, or Hosting Panel login credentials
  3. WordPress admin login username and password

Service Request Form