WordPress Malware Clean Up


This service will:

  1. Put the site in maintenance mode
  2. Website backup before the service is performed
  3. Scan your hosting server to diagnose server health (if root SSH access is available)
  4. Scan and identify the malware in the WordPress source files and the database contents
  5. Remove malware from the database
  6. Remove malware from the source files
  7. Reinstall WordPress, themes, and plugin files to override the infected files if necessary

Important Notes

  • If you are not sure if your website is infected with malware, please purchase the WordPress Troubleshooting service to troubleshoot and diagnose it first.
  • The hosting server scanning includes your whole file system whereas the Malware cleaning just includes your WordPress installation.

What We Need For The Service

Please provide the information below after purchasing the service by clicking the Service Request Form button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Paypal transaction ID or 2Checkout order number
  2. SSH, FTP, or Hosting Panel login credentials
  3. WordPress admin login username and password
  4. Hosting company and hosting account type (shared, VPS, dedicated, etc.)

Service Request Form