WordPress SSL (HTTPS) Setup


This service is to enable WordPress Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for establishing an encrypted link between your web server and visitor’s browser using secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). This way user’s information remains confidential from prying eyes because only user browser and the server can decrypt the traffic.

  1. Generate the RSA and CSR via OpenSSL without a passphrase
  2. Submit CSR to a certificate authority issuer (NameCheap SSL, DigiCert, StartSSL Free, etc.)
  3. Get the certificate files (usually in zip) from the issuer
  4. Setup certificate with your web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.) from SSH or Hosting Panel
  5. Determine how HTTPS is setup for WordPress (certain pages only, Admin Panel, or the whole site) and set it up accordingly

What We Need For The Service

Please provide the information below after purchasing the service by clicking the Service Request Form button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Paypal transaction ID or 2Checkout order number
  2. SSH or Hosting Panel login credentials
  3. FTP login credentials
  4. WordPress admin login username and password
  5. Hosting company and hosting account type (shared, VPS, dedicated, etc.)
  6. Let us know if your website domain is using a dedicated IP (recommended) or shared IP. For SSL on shared IP, we will use Server Name Indication (SNI) technology, but will require access to Apache or Nginx server settings

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