WordPress Troubleshooting


This service is for troubleshooting your WordPress issues urgently like:

  1. Website is blank and doesn’t load
  2. Displays error messages on screen
  3. Being locked out and unable to log into WordPress admin panel
  4. Website layout is suddenly messed up
  5. and other issues…

Important Notes

  • This service is to bring your website up and running again normally after identifying the problem, not for fixing plugin or theme bugs per se that should be fixed and updated by the original authors.
  • If the problem is identified as being a malware issue and needs clean up, then you would have to purchase the WordPress Malware Scan & Clean Up service.

What We Need For The Service

Please provide the information below after purchasing the service by clicking the Service Request Form button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Paypal transaction ID or 2Checkout order number
  2. SSH, FTP, or Hosting Panel login username and password
  3. WordPress admin login username and password
  4. Hosting company and hosting account type (shared, VPS, dedicated, etc.)
  5. Description of the problem

Service Request Form